ADIVO Premium Electric Wine Chiller Cooler Iceless Bottle Bucket Storage 750ml Fast Portable

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ADIVOSKU: ELC-005-WIN-BKR Weight: 2.1 kg

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Introducing the ADIVO Wine Chiller Cooler Electric the epitome of style and functionality for wine enthusiasts. This electric wine chiller effortlessly combines modern design with advanced cooling technology to elevate your wine experience.

Crafted with a sleek exterior, this wine chiller adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. Its electric cooling system ensures that your favorite white or red wines are perfectly chilled to the ideal temperature, enhancing their flavors and aromas.

The bucket-style design accommodates standard wine bottles, providing efficient and stylish storage. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet evening, the ADIVO Wine Chiller is your go-to solution for keeping your wine at the optimum serving temperature.

Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace the convenience of this electric wine chiller. Elevate your wine storage game with the ADIVO Wine Chiller where technology meets style for an unparalleled wine experience.

Key Features

  • Precise Temperature Setting: Experience wine perfection with the ADIVO Wine Chiller Cooler Electric's precise temperature control. Set the ideal chilling level for your white or red wines, ensuring they are served at their absolute best, enhancing their unique flavors and aromas.
  • Touch Screen Controls: Navigate the chilling process effortlessly with the intuitive touch screen controls. Adjust temperatures and settings with a simple touch, providing a user-friendly experience that adds a touch of modern sophistication to your wine ritual.
  • Ideal Gift For Wine Lovers: Looking for the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast in your life? The ADIVO Wine Chiller is an ideal choice. Its stylish design, coupled with advanced cooling features, makes it a thoughtful and practical gift for any occasion.
  • Easy to Carry: Whether you're hosting a picnic, outdoor event, or simply moving from room to room, the ADIVO Wine Chiller's portable design makes it easy to carry. Enjoy perfectly chilled wine wherever you go, adding a touch of elegance to any setting.
  • Mess-Free Design: Say goodbye to ice buckets and messy water spills. The ADIVO Wine Chiller features a mess-free design, ensuring a clean and hassle-free wine chilling experience. Enjoy your wine without the worry of cleanup, letting you focus on the moment.


  • Brand : ADIVO
  • Colour : Black
  • Material: Black plastic frame, PP Bottom, ABS Cover
  • Cooling : Copper pipe, Thermo-electric, heat-sink
  • Power : Max 72W
  • Input: AC 100V-240V
  • Output: DC 12V 6A
  • Temperature setting: 50C-180C
  • Product dimensions: 198 x 142.5 x 271mm
  • Weight : 1.6 kgs
  • EESS Equipment Number : E2024157624

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Adivo Electric Wine Cooler - Black

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