6 Reasons Why We Need Art in Our Homes

Do you ever wonder why people invest a lot of money in artwork or decor? Then, you’re not alone if you question why some people are into art. The real reason is more than just bringing colour and character into a space. There are deeper and more purposeful reasons under the surface.

At the Big Box Store, we will explore why having art pieces inside your home is essential. You can also browse our affordable art pieces online to complete your home.

Brings Humanity Inside Your Home

A charming work of art can show a designer’s time, effort, and skill in bringing an imaginary piece to life. You can imagine a story behind their work and see what every texture, curve, and detail might mean.


Enables Expression and Encourages Conversation

Art is a language. It tells a story. You don’t need words to express yourself in a room, as you can select curated pieces that give your space a story. When you choose decorations to hang or as centrepieces, it says a lot about you, your personality, or what you value in life. It’s a great conversation starter, too!

Helps Us Recognise Emotions

Art needs to be understood for it to be loved. So, look for pieces that evoke emotion every time you look at them. It might even cheer you up after a tiresome day or spark a happy childhood memory. Art provides comfort and sometimes creates a reflection for us to see our thoughts and emotions.


Encourages Growth

You can view your pieces as more than a decoration if it challenges you intellectually. It may even tackle pre-existing ideas in your head and challenge you to see the world differently.


Reminds Us of the Possibilities

Art reminds us of the possibilities of creation. It is often amazing how artists can create something beautiful from the ordinary materials surrounding us. We follow creators and artists on our social media accounts, as their passion is contagious. Seeing someone dedicating their time to what gives them the most joy is energising.

Breathes Life Into a Space

Art sparks joy and breathes life into a space. That’s why decorating according to what you love is essential, as you need to feel familiar and comfortable in your area. So surround yourself with pieces that you like.

From a designer’s standpoint, a decorated room appears finished and creatively shows your interests to your visitors.


Decorating your homes doesn’t need to be expensive with our Viviendo decors available at Big Box Store. Create a mini art gallery in your space and stay inspired throughout the day.

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